Here’s What Windows 10X Actions Center Looks Like!

Here’s What Windows 10X Actions Center Looks Like! – Curious about how Windows 10X will look?, the emulation is actually available for you to download and use, but if you don’t intend to run the Windows 10X emulator, this time WinPoint will show you a little bit how it looks in one of the important parts of Windows 10X.

Yep, Actions Center, who does not know this feature, in Windows 10 we can access it by using the win + A combination keys or manually click on the icon cornered bottom right close to the clock.

And unlike the one in Windows 10, Action Center in Windows 10 X is more simple, minimal, and sexy. How not, it doesn’t look full from top to bottom, but rather only displays a small part of the menu that is very optimal for touchscreen devices.

Well as you can see in the image above, the Action Center section will display a small number of menus, which users may often access, of course you can also change them and customize them to your needs.

Dan yang menarik nih, icon atau slider dari volume juga sudah termasuk didalam Actions Center, sehingga pengguna bisa dengan mudh mengaksesnya dalam satu tempat yang sama. Keren..

In addition, Icon Settings, User Account, Power and Indicator Battery have also been integrated in it, thus allowing users to access it faster than Actions Center in Windows 10 where certain parts are split between Action Center and Start Menu.

Well I myself really like the design of this Actions Center, and it is expected that this design will also be implemented in Windows 10 someday.

Who can’t wait for Windows 10X? don’t worry because this new OS will be released in April this year, and it’s only a few months away from now.

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