How to Enable OpenSSH Server in Windows 10

How to Enable OpenSSH Server in Windows 10 – You want to use SSH for a remote connection in your Windows 10?, quiet because it turns out that in Windows 10 we can also install Open SSH Server, just like it is commonly present on Linux.

And even here, the installation step itself is very easy, curious?, here WinPoin will summarize the short steps to activate and configure Open SSH Server in Windows 10.


Well in this example case, I tell you want to access Windows 10 20H2 (Host PC) via SSH that I will access at Command Prompt on another Windows 10 PC (PC Client).
Open SSH Server Installation Steps

Step 1. First on PC Host please go to Settings > App & Features > Optional features.

Step 2. Next please click Add a features, exactly as in the picture I showed above.

Next please search for “OpenSSH Server” and please install as usual.

Alternative Steps: You can also install OpenSSH Server through Windows Powershell (Run as Administrator).

Next please wait for the installation process to be completed.

Enabling OpenSSH Server

Although we have successfully installed, usually OpenSSH Server is not yet running, and SSH access is still not possible, to activate it yourself is very easy, you just open Windows Powershell (Run as Administrator).

Well until here, the steps on the Host PC that we will access via SSH is complete, then let’s switch to PC Client where we will access the Host PC via SSH via Command Prompt there.

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