How to Create a Powershell Backgroud in Windows Terminal In Blue

How to Create a Powershell Backgroud in Windows Terminal In Blue – Are you a Windows Terminal user here? if so then you must already know that this application does not run on its own, where it will open a command line that is already in the operating system be it a command prompt or windows powershell.

Well besides that you probably already know that by default the look of Windows Powershell running in Windows Terminal is not blue and for some users it may be a little difficult to identify it, whether it is powershell or cmd, well although it is not too difficult anyway considering the tab section there must be a name.

But for those of you who want the default look of Windows Powershell which is identical to the blue color, then this time WinPoint will slightly summarize the short steps to replace it. Here are the steps.

Step 1. As usual, please open Settings.json from Windows Terminal (how to click on the down arrow close to the tab, then select Settings).

Well here I open the settings.json with Notepad only, because all Windows there must be Notepadnya.

Step 2. Next please find the “commandline” section: “poweshell.exe, then please paste the following part of code right on top of it.

Next, please save the changes and the result will be as in the following image:

Well it’s easy, isn’t it? want an even easier way? you just change it from its UI Settings.

Step 1. First make sure you have followed the steps: How to Enable UI Settings in Windows Terminal

Step 2. Please open the Ui Settings by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + , (comma).

Step 3. Click on the Profiles section > Windows PowerShell > Appearance > Color scheme. Next select : Campbell Powershell

Click Save and you’re done.

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