How to Disable News & Interest in Windows 10 Taskbar

How to Disable News & Interest in Windows 10 Taskbar – As we already know, starting on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21286 version released a few days ago, Microsoft has added a new feature in the Taskbar by displaying the News and Interest feature.

With this News and Interest feature, users can get quick access through an integrated feed in the Windows 10 taskbar, the content provided will change dynamically and adjust the news, and the weather is always updated.

But, what if the user prefers the old look, in the absence of the News & Interest feature in the Taskbar?, well related to that, on this occasion WinPoin will summarize a short step to disable the feature. Let’s face it, here’s a quick step that might be very short.
Easiest Method

Please right click taskbar, next please click on News and Interest > Click Hidden.

Through Registry Editor

Step 1. First you please open the Registry Editor, and go directly to the following Directory:


Step 2. There, please create a new 32 Bit Value DWORD named ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode .

Next please change the Value on ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode to 0 to disable News & Interest in taskbar.

Well with the above two steps, news & interest should have disappeared from taskbar in Windows 10.

The feature is not yet available to all users!

But did you know, it turns out that this News & Taskbar for now January 9, 2021, has not been released for all users, where either via Right click on taskbar or in Regedit, News & Interest Options are not yet available.

As in the picture above, I have updated to build 21286, and in taskbar the News & Interest option is not yet available, even in Regedit, even though the Feed key already exists, fill it empty with no key other than the default only.


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