Now You Can CTRL + Backspace To Delete Sentences in Regedit!

Now You Can CTRL + Backspace To Delete Sentences in Regedit! – A new update that you will probably like, which starts in Windows Insider Dev Channel build 21277 (or later), users can now use the CTRL + Backspace combination keys to delete sentences in the registry key.

Well for those who do not know ya, for now in Windows 10 20H2, when we use CTRL + Backspace to delete sentences on a Registry Key, then it will look like in the following image.

As in the picture above, basically we can’t delete a sentence using the combination key, and have to manually delete the letterheads one by one, or block the entire sentence, and then delete it.

Well about that, there is an interesting news for those of you who often access to registry editor, because in the latest version of Windows Insider Preview, we can already use the key combination CTRL + Backspace to delete existing sentences.

Well although this is not a feature that is often accessed by many people, but with the addition of such features, we can navigate and delete each sentence to perform registry key rename quickly.


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