Windows 10X Comes With No Mail & Calendar App

Windows 10X Comes With No Mail & Calendar App – It seems that we have not heard the latest news about Windows 10X, after previously scheduled to be distributed to OEMs last December, it seems that the release is quite silent and there is not even news until now.

And for those of us who are hungry for information about Windows 10X, recently Zac Bowden from Windows Central reported through his Twiter account, where reportedly Windows 10X RTM does not have a mail & calendar application preinstalled in the system.

This I think is quite interesting, because with the removal of the Mail & Calendar application, it is very certain that Microsoft will completely change its Default Mail Client application to One Outlook or also known as Project Monarch.

Many are enthusiastic about this news, and of course many like the removal of the Mail & Calendar application by default, considering that sometimes the application does not work properly, or it feels uncomfortable also see the presence of Outlook applications from Microsoft Office, and Mail & Calendar simultaneously in the same system.

And with this news, it can be possible that one day Windows 10 itself will start eliminating the Mail & Calendar application by default from its operating system.


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