After Apple, Microsoft Plans to Make Its Own ARM Chip

After Apple, Microsoft Plans to Make Its Own ARM Chip – As we know, Apple has launched the Apple Silicon M1 that is already present on several lines of devices, namely Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Mini, a lot of new things that change their technology, all because the power provided is quite minimal without leaving the performance that remains the champion.

Even microsoft’s SQ1 chip on Surface Pro X devices itself is less competitive with the M1 chip when running Windows 10 ARM, even that via emulator, you can see the article Windows 10 ARM Runs Faster on Apple M1 Than Surface Pro X to see how it compares.

Because it looks less competitive, Microsoft also seems to be considering working on its own custom ARM Chips, not like the SQ1 and SQ2 developed with Qualcomm, but rather the Microsoft Chipset itself.

And reported from the Bloombergpage, the purpose of this new chip is to power Microsoft Surface and Server products, with which Microsoft also has the same long-term goal as Apple which is to reduce dependence on Intel and instead use internal products that are more optimized for the company’s own devices, including on their Server and Azure devices.

However, until now it is not clear what the new chip will look like, whether it is for Server or Surface only or can it also be for Desktop?, or whether this new chip will be re-developed with Qualcomm, many questions regarding this, because somehow Microsoft also said that this is only the initial development stage.

After the SQ Chipset that Microsoft developed with Qualcomm before, with this news, arguably sooner or later Microsoft will be able to do everything without the need for a partner to support its products.

Well what do you think about this?, will Microsoft also leave Qualcomm to build its new chipset, or will Microsoft continue to work together to improve the next generation of SQ chips?.

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