Microsoft Fix CHKDSK Problem in Windows 10 In Update KB4592438

Microsoft Fix CHKDSK Problem in Windows 10 In Update KB4592438 – Regarding the problem in the chkdsk tool that was reported yesterday, recently Microsoft has added a new known issues in update KB4592438 released on December 8, where it seems that they have added fixes related to the chkdsk problem.

“This issue is resolved and should now be prevented automatically on non-managed devices.” Note Microsoft in the Release note update kb4592438 page.

Yes, at least that’s what Microsoft said, for users who have not previously done the installation of such updates can immediately do an update to get the fix.

*Note, however, that perhaps the most optimal fix will be provided on the upcoming Patch Tuesday of January 2021, so until then it is expected that users will still not enter the chkdsk c: /f command or use the chkdsk command by adding the /f parameter.
If The Device Is Already Unable to Boot

Well if the user is already unable to boot and Windows 10 finds a case of BSOD after entering the command chkdsk c: /f before, the user can do some steps recommended by Microsoft below.

Step 1. Go to recovery console menu or Advanced Startup, you can follow the steps below to enter the menu or usually when the POST process the user can press the F8 key to enter there.

Step 2. On the Recovery Console menu, please click Troubleshoot and go to Advanced Options.

Step 3. On the Advanced Options page, please select Command Prompt, and please enter the following command.

Please wait for the scanning process to finish, and if you have please enter the exit command to exit the command prompt.

After the above steps are successfully performed, according to Microsoft the device should now be able to boot normally, but if the device goes back into the Recovery Console, users can select Exit and continue to Windows 10.

Well if you previously had a problem, maybe the above step you can make a reference to fix it.

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