ALT + Tab Error Function in Windows 10 20H2?, Calm Down You’re Not Alone!

ALT + Tab Error Function in Windows 10 20H2?, Calm Down You’re Not Alone – Windows 10 20H2 brings a new feature that will change how the ALT + Tab display behavior runs, where starting this version, ALT + Tab will also display open tabs in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Of course many people like this feature, but some of them choose to Disable ALT + Tab Behavior

But did you know that there is a problem that occurs for some users regarding this feature?, where the ALT + Tab interface does not sort the appearance of open applications correctly, and not a few users open the wrong application window when they switch between applications.

For example, suppose you have six windows open, and you will try to move from window 2 to 4, but after that instead of window 4 open, even windows 5 or 6 are open.

If you experience such problems, do not worry, because it turns out that you are not alone in experiencing the bitterness of the bug.

Microsoft Admits and Investigation of Problems UnderWay

As you can see in the screenshot of the Feedback Hub app above, Microsoft responded by saying that a fix has already been submitted in Build 20231, and with it it is likely that they will also fix this problem in Windows 10 20H2 with the upcoming cumulative update, which could be delivered in December 2020 or January 2021 next year.

This problem does not really have a huge impact, if the user only opens a few open applications, but if the user opens many applications, while displaying all the tabs in Microsoft Edge Chromium with Multitasking Settings “Open windows and all tabs in edge”, of course this problem is a pretty bad and troublesome problem.


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