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Boy Nursery Designs: 12+ Comfy Baby Boy Room Ideas

Baby Boy Room Ideas – Designing a boy nursery seems to be an overwhelming task. When you choose the best baby boy room ideas, multiple color schemes are great without too many saturated tones. Also, exchangeable features are necessary to suit your growing up child.

Are you ready to decorate a happy space for your little one? We try to help with these easy baby boy room ideas. Check them out!

Twin Baby Boy Room Ideas

 twin baby boy room picture ideas
Twin Baby Boy Room Ideas

Extorting two newborns into one nursery room can be disheartened. Don’t be panicked, you can start planning your twin baby room by following these useful tips:

  • No need to double up on furniture except the cribs.
  • Think about crib placement accurately.
  • Let twins have their personalized feel, so identical stuff is not necessary.
  • Utilize space-saving storage ideas to get more storing space.
  • Choose a minimalist design to keep everything simple.

Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas

Put on cute characters into a baby boy room. Teddy bear themed bedding sets include bed sheet, throw pillows, crib skirt, and hanging mobile. Teddy bear valance creates a funny window statement. Three wall arts animate the pale brown wall.

The Teddy bear theme fits well to the room colors. Dark brown crib and table give bold textures to the light shades of wall and flooring. This type of crib converts to toddler bed, so it will be your investment item. Ensure that the crib has good quality and safety standards to stand out over years.

Newborn Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Newborn Baby Boy Room Ideas

Blue and white color schemes are simple and classic. Using light tones for newborn boy room will enhance a calming ambiance. Soft blue and grey accents decorate the white crib. Blue wall decor and chair are matching.

The light blue nursing chair gives a pleased area while you are taking care of the baby. The sitting area is placed in front of the crib to be more reachable. The chair is paired with an ottoman. It enables you to put your feet up.

1 Year Old Baby Boy Room Ideas

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1 Year Old Baby Boy Room Ideas

Planning a shared room for a one-year-old baby boy is a good decision. Put a crib near your bed as a nursery. When you are close to your baby, you can easily feed him and change his diaper at night.


  • Provide easy access to take care of the baby during days and nights.
  • Reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths.


  • Have limited freedom for parents.
  • Cause less nighttime sleep to the baby.

Small Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Small Baby Boy Room Ideas

Small baby room only provides limited space for storage. But, your baby has lots of stuff to keep. How to overcome? These following tips hopefully support you to get the best solution:

  • Put small-sized furniture in the nursery room.
  • Create wall mounted storage to save the floor space.
  • Set up a nursery room in your bedroom.
  • Choose white, grey, or pastel colors to make the area look larger.
  • Eliminate unnecessary furniture and stuff.

Country Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Country Baby Boy Room Ideas

Pick a Cowboy theme to create a country look for baby boy room. Choose furniture and nursery details that suit the cowboy theme. This dark brown rustic crib perfectly blends with cowboy rodeo printed blanket.

Cowboy theme with shades of brown offers a traditional look. Cowboy hat mobile is hanging over the crib. Table lamp, towel, and wall decor are designed with cowboy ornaments.

Cool Baby Boy Room Ideas

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Cool Baby Boy Room picture Ideas

To design a cool baby boy nursery room, be brave to mix up some patterns. A combination of stripes and zigzags will give textures to space. Funny cartoon decals, hanging pompoms, and wall stickers create a festive mood.

For more complete information, here are handy steps to create a cool boy’s nursery room:

  • Paint the wall with serene colors like creamy yellow, light-blue, and soft grey.
  • Accentuate with fun stickers and wall decals.
  • Use bright color rug on the floor playing area.
  • Cover the bed with patterned or cartoon-printed bedclothes.

Navy Blue Baby Boy Room Ideas

 navy blue baby boy room picturte ideas
Navy Blue Baby Boy Room Ideas

All-white boy nursery balances with navy blue crib bedding sets. Navy blue gives a strong vibe. Find a theme to make this nursery more alive.

Adding a theme will achieve a vibrant atmosphere to this plain room. Navy blue bedclothes work best with outer space themed quilt and throw pillows. Outer space theme is a great choice to show off a masculine touch.

Baby Boy Room Ideas Blue and Grey

baby boy room picture ideas blue and grey
Baby Boy Room Ideas Blue and Grey

Pastel colors offer soft and calming vibes in little boy’s nursery. A mixture of soft blue and grey is also awesome. The funny white clouds accentuate the wall. Grey rug with star patterns and raindrop hanging mobile create a pacify ambiance.


  • Promote a relaxing sleep.
  • Work well with any patterns and bold accents.


  • Give less attraction to the baby.
  • Can be dirty easily.

Baby Boy Room Ideas Grey and White

 baby boy room picture ideas grey and white
Baby Boy Room picture Ideas Grey and White

Those who prefer to use pastel colors for baby boy room should be creative to avoid pale and plain look. Check out these helpful guides before starting:

  • Mix up soft hue painting and bold furniture.
  • Apply a lighter shade to the ceiling.
  • Use bold tone flooring to create a balance.
  • Add more wall accents with vibrant colors to evoke attractive look.

Baby Boy Room Ideas Blue and White

baby boy room picture ideas blue and white
Baby Boy Room Ideas Blue and White

A neat and clean space is represented in this blue and white baby boy room. The white crib bedding set and pillow furnish a lighter tone to the soft blue wall. Monogram and grey elephant art print give a personal feeling to the room.

The chandelier above the crib will give better lighting to this area. The white color matches the crib and bedding. A yellow alarm clock blends well to the pastel color shades.

Baby Boy Room Ideas Green

baby boy room picture ideas green
Baby Boy Room Ideas Green

Baby boy nursery with a blue color is not a must. This little boy room uses green as the wall painting. Green creates a lively atmosphere. It also provides a spirit and vibrant touch. Green wall and white crib create a flawless combo for a contemporary design.

So, which ones do you like most? Those wonderful baby boy room ideas will ease you to make a decision. Happy decorating!


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