amazing bathroom backsplash ideas

7 Interesting Bathroom Backsplash Ideas – Design Ideas To Inspire You

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas – People install backsplash in their bathroom to maintain certain areas with high possibility of getting wet. Tile is the most common option to utilize as a backsplash. Now, along with tiles, several more bathroom backsplash ideas will be presented in this article.

1. Tile Pattern

bathroom backsplash ideas

This is an idea of installing backsplash for a half bathroom with double sinks. A vanity area seen in the picture involves cool glass tiles of brown shades to add interest. It looks like the dark brown vanity is extended in height since the tiles are installed right above it.

What amusing are those unique faucets. They’re so extraordinary and fascinating.


  • Tile backsplash potentially increases house value.
  • It’s inexpensive yet affect the room greatly.
  • The installation process spends a little bit of time.


    • You can’t change tile backsplash anytime you want once it’s installed. So, it’s better to plan any pattern, color, design, and style thoroughly based on what you enjoy for a long time.

2. Wood Plank Walls

amazing bathroom backsplash ideas

Another backsplash idea is to use wood plank material. For this bathroom case, the wood planks are painted in white before installed horizontally. The bright color selection is to harmonize that navy blue vanity.

This whole area has the mix of rustic, contemporary, industrial look, and cottage appeal at the same time. It is because the involvement of the vanity, lighting, and glass flooring tiles. What a gorgeous blue room!


  • Wood planks are inexpensive but catch attention.
  • Wood plank backsplash provides classy and traditional look.
  • It goes along with other materials very well.


    • Wood planks are sensitive to stain.
    • If you aren’t careful with the protective paint selection, mold will be your near future.

3. Faux Concrete Finish

best bathroom backsplash ideas

Faux concrete, apparently, can be a great idea to use as a backsplash. It looks so solid and known for its refined appearance. This bathroom in the picture shows you the proof. While it looks like the wall is unfinished, it is the finishes. It has no problem with water splashes because it absorbs very well.

The grey concrete brings is complemented by the silver faucets, marble top, and wooden bottom units. So overall, it matches other material greatly.


  • The concrete backsplash is very trendy and matches with many bathroom themes, from industrial to minimalist.
  • It isn’t expensive compared to other material.


    • Because of its ability to absorb water very well. Unfortunately, it also supports bacterial growth.
    • It can crack and it will be a pain in the neck.
    • Concrete backsplash requires regular maintenance.

4. Waterproof Wallpaper

top bathroom backsplash ideas

Among all materials presented here in this article, waterproof wallpaper might be the easiest to install. But of all wallpapers, the ones made of vinyl are the best out there because they are great in withstanding moisture. Therefore, the bathroom in the picture uses vinyl grasscloth wallpaper.

What makes a great role here is the lighting which has a good arrangement in shining the atmosphere with dark tone wallpaper and vanity.


  • Wallpaper comes in various patterns and styles.
  • It is the most budget-friendly of all materials.


    • It has low durability.
    • Wallpaper is difficult to clean because of its possible disability to withstand any cleanser or cleaner.

5. Pretty Penny Tile

best bathroom backsplash ideas

This is another form of tile pattern backsplash and it’s pretty popular to use in the bathroom. It is because you can shape, cut, and arrange them as you desire. Seen in the picture how penny tiles easily fit the space between the floating wood shelf and marble countertop.

Apparently, the use of penny tiles as a backsplash is the form of a traditional fun twist since they are originally used as the bathroom floor. But you shouldn’t do so because penny tiles basically don’t resist to slippery.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Penny tiles are affordable.


    • Beware of the possible grout matter.

6. Mosaic Tiles

unique bathroom backsplash ideas

You know by now that tiles come in so many forms. Besides the pattern mentioned in point number one and penny tiles on previous the point, there are this mosaic tiles in a neutral tone. It’s in the shape of linear glass which visually catches attention. And for small bathroom space case like the picture shows, mosaic tiles can hide that fact.

As space is limited, you need some real functional bathroom elements. They must be concise and not wasting any space, like the cabinet under the sink. It’s better to have it customized than to buy from the stores. However you look at it, customized cabinet suits your needs precisely.


  • Mosaic tiles have high durability.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • Provide a high-end look.


    • Mosaic tiles might off of the trend fast.

7. Mixed Materials

mixed bathroom backsplash ideas

When it comes to mixing the materials for bathroom backsplash, you have an abundance of choices to choose from. It could be anything with any other one; the only limit is your creativity. For this bathroom case, the owner decides to pair subway tiles in beautiful sage green with pebbles which is super awesome.


Pebbles are known for their close stance to nature, so the color selection of sage green for the subway tiles is perfect as it looks. You see, we can easily find that shade of green in nature. To complete the whole function of this vanity area, multi mirrors, double pedestal sinks in dazzling white, and storage drawers are used here.


  • You can have one of a kind backsplash which is really unique.
  • Pebble tiles as a backsplash provide a modern look and give you texture.
  • Those combinations are easy to install.


  • The downsides of pebbles are they might be hard to clean and requires regular maintenance.
  • Both subway and pebble tiles are easy to stain.

Well to sum up, this article of bathroom backsplash ideas, the best materials to use are types of tiles, wood planks, faux concrete, and waterproof wallpapers. The mix of those materials even could be one of the options. So, practically the only thing you have to do is weighing the pros and cons, and also asking for the experts’ advice.


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