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7+ Bathroom Tile Ideas – Colorful Tiled Bathrooms

Bathroom Tile Ideas – Tiling bathroom walls is only natural. It doesn’t just cover the wall from getting splashed, which is unavoidable, but also work as bathroom decoration. Now, to support the latter function, bathroom tiles come in various styles, designs, and colors. They are available in wide range of options to fit your desire, just like these stunning bathroom tile ideas.

Read completely to find them out. Who knows you might find ones that suit your interest.

1. Hexagonal Pattern

This picture here shows one of the ideas for coloring your bathroom in half. While the classic white subway tiles cover the middle to the bottom of the walls, the dark tone paint is obliged to do the rest.

The said color combination can be seen also on the flooring. Hexagonal tiles in white and dark dots are applied, make this en-suite bathroom’s up for some drama. Not to mention the setting of a claw-foot tub on top of it. Is you look for some lux within a bathroom, this is the perfect idea to get inspiration from.


  • The tub placement next to a window is very nice. You can enjoy the outside world view while soaking in warm water.
  • The dazzling white curtains are also impeccable. They are in accordance to the whole set.


  • The framed pictures by the windowsill are of no use. They block your sight level.

2. Baby Blue Scallop Tiles

Go for beautifully unique bathroom final view by installing scallop patterned tiles on the walls. This bathroom here sets an example of the matter. By choosing this cheerful patterned tiles, you turn the simple classic mode on for the bathroom.

Also, the baby blue tone gives you a sense of calming and relieving. Not to mention the clever color selection for other elements, such as white shades from roof, walls, hanging vanity, floor, and bathroom accessories; gold shades from wall sconces, towel holder, taps, and vanity holder; as well as deep blue from the mat.


  • Scallop pattern is absolutely unique.
  • Suitable for almost all kind of bathroom, even for your kids’.


  • The curvy form could be a problem in the installation process.

3. Abstract Tiles

Too much solid pattern might be boring, and that’s a fact. You should be daring and consider abstract tiles instead. The bathroom in the picture exemplifies one of the issue. Above the abstract floors, laid a warm carpet in completely different pattern and texture. It surely gives you an idea of mixing textures and patterns.

This chic bathroom derived its cozy ambience and warmth from the shades of calming pink. You can see the said shade in the tiles, vanities, walls, and carpet.


  • The rug existence inside a bathroom is always useful. It helps you to keep certain area dry.


  • With irregular form of the tiles, it will be difficult to have them applied.

4. Pastel Tiles

Present relaxing mood inside your bathroom by tiling the floors in pastel tones. The example is set in the picture. Pink and blue shades are used to create soft and warm feeling.

Also, you can see the bathroom owner uses creativity with hexagonal tiles and make some certain pattern from them. For this sauna-equipped bathroom, such creativity is necessary.


  • These hexagonal tiles come in perfect size because it’s easy to arrange.


  • Though broaden the space, the big glass doors need thorough cleaning. You will spend much effort in cleaning both sides.

5. Navy Tiles

For some reason, navy colors create cool ambience. So, in two-season countries, the application of such tone for bathrooms is totally perfect. To calm the bold and strong navy brings, a bright shade should be thrown in into the mix as seen in the picture. Navy hexagonal tiles in tiny size are bordered by white tiles in the same size and form.

Along with the particular white border, a statement is made by the cream painted walls and white plain subway tiles for the shower room. It is, of course, according to your preference to use hexagonal tiles.


  • This bathroom has a great color selection of pastel blue for the wall sconces. It meets both ends of strong navy and boring white.


  • Those cushions are up to no use, though.

6. Multi-Colored Tiles

This is an idea to liven up the mood in your bathroom: make it colorful! An example is presented here. Everybody can adopt the idea. It’s easy and affordable because the owner of this bathroom decides to play with the walls instead of the furniture.

As seen in the picture, the wall side above tub area is partially finished with colorful tiles of blue and orange shades. It goes from the bottom to three fourth of the wall height. And if you see the reflection in the mirror, it goes through the shower room also.

Meanwhile, the wall beside vanity area is ‘splattered’ with quirky paints in almost all colors. The two walls kind of not match, but there’s where the art lays.


  • This colorful bathroom idea is limitless. You can modify it as you desire.
  • You won’t ever get boring inside it.


  • It needs extra attention to not splash the painted vanity area wall, because you’ll have a problem once it’s wet.

7. Creative Color Schemes

Now, this is another idea of involving navy hue for bathroom. But instead of playing with floors tiling, this one focuses on the wall in bathtub area, in combination with white on top of that. For patterened tiles like applied here, you can arrange them similarly or rather, in complete opposite as this. It’s up to your liking.

Like has been mentioned in the previous example of navy tiles, combining a strong and bold tone with some bright shade is quite the basic. Such combination creates cool nuance and thus gives you a relaxing time while being inside.


  • The addition of holder in the middle of the tub is pretty clever. It is optional but useful.


  • Extra effort will be needed to maintain the glass door because you have to clean both sides.

There, you have 7 stunning bathroom tile ideas. You can adopt and adapt the ideas however you see fit.Nonetheless, there are these important things you should think thoroughly about. They are the tiles function and their accordance to the whole bathroom theme. What comes after that is only the execution, and it’s finished.


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