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Brighten your Space with These Impressive Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting ideas – No matter what kind of style of your bedroom, lighting becomes an essential element of room design. There are many ways to install stunning bedroom lighting ideas. Design a beautiful and functional lighting plan to give extra special effect in your space.

Designing lighting for a bedroom might be challenging. The ceiling height can be one of the challenges. Another challenge can be the wall with large windows. To overcome the challenges, lighting solution should be balanced.

To be in balance, combine two or more light sources and spread them around the sleeping area. Make sure that the entire room gets enough light. The right lighting design will create a relaxing and restful place. Need inspiration? Light up your space with these following bedroom lighting ideas.

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Master bedroom is one of home areas that should get good lighting. The homeowners need to design the lighting to suit their lifestyle. How they will use the space will define the kinds of lighting. Generally, soft lighting fits well to any style of master bedroom.

As seen on the picture, there is a perfect combination of some lighting sources. The lighting is mixed up in different ways. Small ceiling lamps are in tune with the pretty pendant lamp. Those achieve soft glowing to the room.

If you usually read in bed, bedside reading lamps will work best for you. You have enough light while reading. A floor lamp near a seating area also gives extra light when you have any activity at night.

Teenage Bedroom Lighting Ideas

teenage bedroom lighting ideas
Teenage Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Consider how your teens will use their bedroom before you decide the lighting design. Be creative to make custom lighting schemes that give a big impact to the bedroom. We offer some guidance to design lighting for teens’ room as follow:

  • Choose stylish ceiling lamps that last throughout the years

A permanent light for teens should be decorative and adaptable to their growing phase. Installing flush mount or semi-flush lights are the great choices. Besides, decorating the ceiling with string lights for an easy stylish illumination.

  • Install grouping pendant lights for neutral choices

Hang some pendants over the bed for a fun lighting. This is a nice chance to flame your teens’ style. Grouping pendant lamps create a statement piece in their space.

  • Bedside and desk lights for teens’ daily life reading

Adding bedside lamps will be perfect for teen lighting scheme. The lights enable them to enjoy reading or drawing in bed. Desk lamps are also necessary to give enough light in their studying area.

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

small bedroom lighting picture ideas
Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Appropriate lighting plan for small bedroom can make the space look bigger. Spread multiple light sources around the room. For instance, this small bedroom mixes up ceiling lamps, a bedside table, and a unique curved-shaped pendant.

There are more tips for lighting design in small bedroom. Installing wall lights help to enhance the corners. If you still have space for floor lamps, choose the right color lampshades. Silk and linen shades will offer neutral light.

Accentuate the vertical space with long hanging lamps to emphasize the room’s height instead of the narrow floor space. If table lamps are needed, choose long lamps with small shades. Place a mirror opposite the wall lights to create space illusion.

Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Cool Bedroom Lighting picture Ideas
Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When you go for a cool lighting for the bedroom, the options range from chandeliers, pendants, and mood lamps. The other admirable lights are headboard lighting, cove lighting, panel lights, magnetic lamps, and string lights.

Combining some light sources will add variety. Give accent lights to the wall behind the bed with led. The wall lights will provide soft lighting effect over the bed.

To give a more attractive look, add two small black chandeliers. Hang them over both sides of the bed. A unique glass flush mount light is surrounded by small round ceiling lamps. Add extra light to your working area with a simple desk lamp.

Childrens Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Childrens Bedroom Lighting picture Ideas
Childrens Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When it comes to children lighting bedroom, make a decision based on aesthetics. A chandelier is a pretty way to enhance the elegance of the room. The lighting plan should also be safe and functional.

Hanging a chandelier in the center of the bedroom is safe for children. It can also be a hanging decoration instead of light source. A crystal chandelier will perfectly blend in children’s room design and furniture.


  • Light up the whole children’s room.
  • Come in many sizes and varieties.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • More expensive.
  • Hard to change into another style.

DIY Bedroom Lighting Ideas

 diy bedroom lighting picture ideas
DIY Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Do you want to have a more glowing bedroom? Try on this DIY lighting plan with string lights. Those can be easily used for bedroom decoration.

Follow these simple steps to light up your bedroom with string lights:

  • Prepare string lights, bulb lights, photos, message cards, and electrical cords.
  • Hang some bulb lights over the bed.
  • Wrap the wall-mounted shelves with string lights.
  • Arrange string lights in attractive shapes on the entire wall.
  • Create a string light photo gallery on the wall.
  • Hang message or picture cards with electrical cords over your study area.
  • Decorate the study area with string lights.

Be creative to decorate your bedroom to create more interesting DIY lighting ideas. You might also make various styles of string lights. For instance, stuffed animal nightlight, illuminated wall art, light globes, cup light strands, and pumpkin luminaries.

Led Bedroom Lighting Ideas

led bedroom lighting picture ideas
Led Bedroom Lighting Ideas

A lighting scheme can achieve a great ambience in your bedroom. Several thoughts using led lighting can be chosen. Adding some led strip lights becomes more popular. Glow your space by installing led strips on the ceiling, wall, and floor.

Led lights are versatile and flexible. You can put the colorful led lights in any places where traditional lamps can’t do. It is possible to place them on the cabinet, in drawers or shelves, and under the bed. The lights offer futuristic look to your sleeping space.


  • Give long lifespan.
  • Offer more efficient energy.
  • Can be recycled and eco-friendly.


  • Require higher cost.
  • Have color limitations.
  • Can be sensitive with temperature.

Have you decided the best lighting for your bedroom? Hopefully, those bedroom lighting ideas suit your needs. Or you have your own way for lighting? Please share your experience with us!


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