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Landscape Border Designs: 10+ Superb Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging is a fixed material that functions as a crisp border between beds and other areas. Various stylish garden edging ideas are available to build a well-designed landscape. Therefore, edging takes significant roles in the garden.

What is Garden Edging used for?

Edging is used for pointing the lines of flower and shrub beds. This border will avoid turf grass spreading around the areas. It conducts you to see another focal point. Garden edging also becomes a transition from a patio to the surrounding.

Want to get deep knowledge about garden edging? Check out 10 superb garden edging ideas in this article. Then, you can start to improve the look of your garden.

Cheap Garden Edging Ideas

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There are many cheap materials that can be used as garden edging. Create DIY borders by using rocks, gravels, wooden logs, pallets, and terracotta pots. Make creative shapes from those materials for a unique look.

We give you one example of cheap garden edging. You can create a semi-raised bed with concrete edging. The materials and methods are below:


  • Concrete
  • Sledgehammer
  • Herbs, flowers, and draping plants


  • Break the concrete into the size you want.
  • Stack them to create the height as desired.
  • Form the border as you like such as circular, curve, or rectangular.
  • Plant the bed with flowers and herbs.
  • Add draping plants at the edge if you want to cover the concrete.

Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Creative Garden Edging Ideas
Creative Garden Edging Ideas by

Many creative ways of garden edging will avoid your outdoor area being a mess. You can try this wooden pallet edging. Ask your kids to join fun gardening to decorate a barren land with this pallet border.

Plant any kinds of greenery and put some pots of flower for a new fresh look. To make this rustic border more attractive, stick some colorful alphabets as embellishment. Even an arid land can look greener, contained, and clean by raising your garden.

Timber Garden Edging Ideas

Timber Garden Edging Ideas
Timber Garden Edging Ideas by

Woods are easy and cheap materials for landscape borders. They include timber, scrap wood, logs, and pallets. Raised bed wooden edging is suitable for growing ornamental plants.

This patio becomes a focal point with its clear-cut timber edging. The cedar wood retaining wall improves a decorative appeal of your garden. The flower bed edging adds a texture to the surrounding.


  • Need low maintenance.
  • Offer more aesthetic attraction.
  • Become a versatile and sustainable material.


  • Require staining to preserve the look.
  • Do not work well with curved design.
  • Have a possibility of rot.

Brick Garden Edging Ideas

Brick Garden Edging Ideas
Brick Garden Edging Ideas by

Brick is another simple material to form various shapes of garden edging. It consists of circular, rectangular, and even curved borders. It works well for both on-ground garden and raised bed. Artfully arrange the bricks to define the line between grass and garden.

Set up many creative designs with bricks. Traditional brick edging is the simplest way. You only need to line the bricks or leaning bricks along the garden. Other styles are mock slanted bricks, layered colored bricks, vertical bricks, and smooth curb bricks.

Flower Garden Edging Ideas

Flower Garden Edging Ideas
Flower Garden Edging Ideas by

Flower garden edging sometimes needs no borders. Just simply make a clean line and mound the topsoil as a boundary. You can also add a natural edging with low-growing plants such as Liriope and Hostas.

However, if you prefer any construction materials for border, read these guides before you start flower bed edging:

  • Define the style of your garden border, laid garden or masonry curb.
  • Determine the use of border before setting the boundaries.
  • Set the size of borders.
  • Choose the plants.
  • Covering the ground with mulch.

Fence Garden Edging Ideas

Fence Garden Edging Ideas
Fence Garden Edging Ideas by

Fence garden edging is an instant way to make a border between your garden and surrounding landscape. It provides a good security. Select the right material, so it doesn’t need regular maintenance. Prioritize the best quality and price to prevent the fence from debasing.

This steel fence edging has great strength and durability to secure the garden. It gives accents to the landscape with minimum intrusion. This kind of fence stands well in cold weather and resists ground movement.

Rock Garden Edging Ideas

Rock Garden Edging Ideas
Rock Garden Edging Ideas by

Arrange various sizes of rocks to form attractive rock edging for your on ground flower garden. Groupings of arranged rocks created artistic natural scenery and perfectly blends with flowers and native plants. The rocks can be directly laid on the ground without deep digging.

You need to maintain the rock border when you notice that they had sunk more than ever before. Simply dig out the rocks and fill in the holes with soil and mulch. Then, you can set the rock back.

Recycled Garden Edging Ideas

Recycled Garden Edging Ideas
Recycled Garden Edging Ideas by

If you have lots of water bottles, try to recycle them into unique garden edging. Recycled bottle edging is a fun way to add a decorative element to garden designs. You can follow these instructions to create your own plastic bottle garden edging.

Things you need:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Sand or soil
  • Shovel
  • Colorful paints

Steps to do:

  • Form a border line as you like such as curvy, oval, or circular.
  • Dig the soil with shovel to create the trench.
  • Fill in the bottles with sand or soil to make them sturdy.
  • Arrange the bottles in the trench.
  • Paint the bottle edging to get more attractive look.

Curved Garden Edging Ideas

Curved Garden Edging Ideas
Curved Garden Edging Ideas by

Curved garden edging becomes the most favorite shape of edging options. Curvy shape can be formed with some materials like rocks, concretes, metals, and bricks. It brings an aesthetic value and keeps your flower bed tidy.

Sometimes, brick edging requires masonry skills to form the curves. For this curvy border, you can simply place the red bricks for creating the curves. The bricks are arranged horizontally for the outer border. Vertical brick edging is created to add a raised bed for flowers.

Metal Garden Edging Ideas

Metal Garden Edging Ideas
Metal Garden Edging Ideas by

Metal strips enable you to form any edging shapes such as curvy and circular. Those are made of flexible galvanized metal sheet. Metal borders are both long lasting and easy maintain. They also give a charming visual feature to your garden.

Most metal sheets feature spiral spikes, so you can install garden border without digging. The spikes resist heavy rain to keep the edging in place. Just place the strips around your raised flower beds, trees, or gardens.

Are you ready to design your own garden boundary? These stunning garden edging ideas will help you creating endless border styles. Use your imagination!


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