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8+ Dazzling Hallway Lighting Ideas that’ll Impress You

Create a great impression to your hallway by illuminating and decorating this space. Stylish hallway lighting ideas will give a welcoming circumference from the start. Most of all, it is important to ensure corridor safety by installing sufficient lighting.

How to Light Hallway?

You can brighten the hallway in an attractive way. Determine the types of hallway lighting that offer subtle and decorative flame. Also, think of wall lights that enable to illuminate the artwork and photo display on the walls of your hallway. Just like these ideas below.

Small Hallway Lighting Ideas

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hallway lighting ideas by rememberingfallenjs.com

The right lighting design will transform your small and dark hallway to an extensive and eye-catching transitional area. We have compiled some tips to help with choosing the best lights for a small hallway as follow:

  • Enhance the height of ceiling with pendants, LED strips, and flush mount lights.
  • Think about wall sconces as visual cues if possible.
  • Install recessed lights for small hallway with low ceilings.
  • Be familiar to cove lighting with invisible fixture for a dramatic effect.
  • Maximize artwork details on the wall with accent lights.
  • Consider using track lights and string lights for a small and long hallway.

Dark Hallway Lighting Ideas

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dark hallway lighting ideas by roohome.com

To deal with darkness, allow more natural light to bounce in the hallway. Use frosted glass in your windowpanes for both privacy and brighter look. In this picture, the dark hallway borrows light from a contiguous room.

Large windows in the living room allow natural light to spread around the hallway. LED strips are installed on the wall and ceiling to light up the dark tone of the flooring. A sconce is also added next to the wall-mounted houseplant to give an extra glow.


  • Get enough natural illumination in daylights.
  • Spend lower cost for the LED lights.


  • Need more light sources.
  • Require lighter shade of hues.
  • Look darker because of the black floor tiles.

Led Hallway Lighting Ideas

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led hallway lighting ideas by ipmserie.com

This long and narrow office hallway is light up with LED strips. LED lights work best for this hallway since they can be placed anywhere. LED strips on both sides of the floor give enough light to this area.

Hallway needs more than just one type of light. The led strips are also combined with other lighting sources. The strip lights are in balance with wall lights and grouping of semi-flush mount lights. Actually, track lights will be the best ceiling lights since this hallway has a long passage.

Adding glass on both walls is perfect for light bounce. Some photographs are hanging on the wall of the hallway. Those focal points are perfectly highlighted with additional wall lights.

Narrow Hallway Lighting Ideas

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hallway lighting ideas by venidair.com

This white hallway with wood flooring has good lighting placement. The area also allows the homeowner to add storage and decoration. Narrow hallway doesn’t mean that you cannot add furniture and decorative details. You can adopt this idea to make your own.

The light sources chosen is space saving. A pendant lamp is used to enhance the high ceiling. This clear glass pendant with gold fixture fits to the crown molding. That combination creates a traditional look to this space.

A brown wooden buffet matches the flooring. A table lamp with linen shade gives soft lighting effect. It offers enough light when you are looking for the stuff in the storage. In daylights, some small glass panes near the door allow natural light.

Modern Hallway Lighting Ideas

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hallway lighting ideas by bwncy.com

Need to update your old-fashioned hallway lighting? Redesign your hallway to a modern look. Choose the best types of lights which are versatile and futuristic. Here are easy instructions to make your lighting more modern.

What you need:

  • White and blue LED strips
  • LED bulb lights
  • Stylish flush mount light
  • Toolkits for installation


  • Start to install the bulbs on the edges of the ceiling.
  • Make a space from one light to another.
  • Add a flush mount light in the center of the ceiling.
  • Place white and blue strips on the floor and walls or arrange them as you want.

By following those instructions, your hallway lighting can be updated. For a modern touch, keep the wall clean because less is more. Don’t worry about being plain since the colorful light sources will give a playful effect to the entire area.

Entrance Hallway Lighting Ideas

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hallway lighting ideas by cdn.homedit.com

Never neglect lighting design for your entrance hallway although you do not spend a lot of time in this space. Choose beautiful and functional types of lights that suit the foyer. Pendant lamps and accent lights have a large variety of styles to embellish the entryway.

The lamps will be turned off during the daylights. The natural light that flows through the windowpanes gives adequate light. The stylish lights work as decorative details on the wall and ceiling.

A pendant lamp is hung in the center to spread the glow entirely at night. It provides enough flame, but it is better to add more lights. Additional wall lamps give extra light to the area. These accent lights with white linen shades also spotlight the graphical elements on the wall.

Entry Hallway Lighting Ideas

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entry hallway lighting ideas by appealandhabeas.com

Spacious entry hallway allows you to add bigger lighting sources. When there are no panes near the doors, more lights are needed to provide sufficient illumination in the darkness. A pendant still works best to give flame bounce to the whole area.

If it is possible to add entry table in your hallway, you can place some table lights with large lampshades. Those also function to enhance the artwork details.

Upstairs Hallway Lighting Ideas

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upstairs hallway lighting ideas by homestratosphere.com

Dark stairways are dangerous, so stairway lighting is a must. It prevents accidents and improves safety while stepping on the stairs.

While designing upstairs hallway, define the lighting placement to achieve the best glowing effect. Decide whether you install the lights on the wall, on the ceiling, or at tread level. Therefore, you can easily choose the right type of lights to avoid glare.

To achieve enough light, use chandeliers or pendant lamps if you are lighting from above. These kinds of lights are great for decorative purpose. LED lights fit well to be installed on the wall and tread level. Those are intended for safety and more functional benefits.

Will you integrate any of those outstanding hallway lighting ideas in your home? Choose the styles that you are interested in most. Now, it’s time to revolutionize your hallway area!


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