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8+ Mind-Blowing Kitchen Bar Ideas – Modern and Functional Kitchen Bar Designs

Kitchen Bar Ideas – What do you expect from a bar? Is it about the delectable wines and other beverages, and a cosy place? Having a ball in a bar with friends can be a great idea to alleviate your tense. If you do not feel like hitting the road but want to enjoy the cosiness of a bar, bring the bar to your home with these kitchen bar ideas.

1. Elegant Kitchen Bar

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Natural stones that are stacked up always add more charm to the bar. The black and gray barstools complement the natural stones perfectly so that they create a good harmony. Five glass pendant lamps shed some light on the ivory concrete bar top, creating a relaxed ambiance.

This bar also features dark brown wood cabinets with some open shelving that enable you to have an easy access to the bottles. The cabinets also feature glass doors that enable you to store and see the glassware and other serving pieces.


  • The glass doors will hold the dust at bay.
  • They also enable you to see what is inside.


  • The glass doors do not provide an easy access to the serving pieces.

2. Luxurious Kitchen Bar with Exposed Stone Wall

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Exposed stone walls always provide the touch of elegance and bold to your kitchen. Therefore, stacking up some stones to support a bar top will be a great idea.

The uneven and rough surface of the stone wall suits the uneven edges of the bar top and countertop, which creates an epic and rustic look. Two pendant lamps shed some dim light over the bar top. Three leather stools sit perfectly by the bar top and are ready to give you the ultimate comfort.


  • Apply gel stain to protect the cabinets, countertop, and bar top from damage.

3. Cosy Kitchen Bar

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Don’t you have fancy storage racks to store glassware and wines? No big deal! You can even have a cosy bar at the corner of your house with some wall-mounted racks that help you store some glasses and bottles without making you short on cash.

This kitchen bar will instantly conjure up the scenes of those old cowboy movies. A picture of horse hangs on stone wall tiles, creating a good focal point. The rough and uneven surface of the tiles teaming up with distressed boards that support the bar top creates a rustic ambiance. The wooden stools are really the icing on the cake.


  • The wall-mounted racks are really affordable. They can also help you grab the serving pieces in no time.


  • The racks cannot hold many glasses.

4. Bar Idea for Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens will not hinder you from having a cosy kitchen bar in your house, just like this cosy and minimalist bar.

Unlike many other bars that usually feature dim light and a bit rustic look, this modern bar features minimalist furniture with clear-cut edges. Bright light illuminates the entire bar and is reflected by the glossy white bar top which makes this small kitchen look more spacious.


  • Getting rid of cabinets under the bar top can give you more space to keep your legs relaxed and make the small kitchen bar look bigger.

5. Classic Kitchen Bar Idea

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This kitchen bar packs a lot of fun. You can enjoy both delectable beverages while playing some games such as pool and dart game just like in a real bar.

Some shelves are standing from floor to ceiling which accentuates the plain wall perfectly. Wine fridges sit in the middle of the shelves, creating a great focal point.

To get rid of boredom, a big TV set is placed over the fridges. Two smaller TV sets are placed on the right and left side of the fridge in case your friends want to watch another TV show.

The open shelving enables you to store many glasses. Since there are no cabinet doors, you will be able to take the glasses quickly.


  • Installing some TV sets will be a great and instant entertainment.


  • Three TV sets that provide different TV shows in the same spot can trigger confusion and deter conversations.

6. Rustic Kitchen Bar Idea

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Being rustic can be fantastic. Three stools made of distressed piping and boards denote the industrial style very well. An exposed brick wall is a great backdrop which adds more charm to the bar. Two copper pendant lamps hang beautifully above the wooden bar top.

To make the bar look more modern, sleek and clear-cut kitchen cabinets hang on the brick wall. Although the cabinets belong to modern style, they complement the industrial look of the bar well rather than overlapping it.


  • You can either stain or paint the bar top to protect it from damage.

7. Simple Kitchen Bar Idea

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A comfy kitchen bar does not have to be sophisticated. Even a very simple kitchen bar can be surprisingly breath-taking.

This kitchen features a sleek design that makes it look extremely clean and modern. The all-white cabinets blend with the flooring and ceiling perfectly. The green bar top floats over the white countertop which makes it look conspicuous.

The black bar stools ensure your comfort when you are sitting on them. They can be adjusted easily to suit the height that you want.


  • It would be much better if the cabinets were green so that they can complement the bar top.

8. Monochromatic Kitchen Bar Idea

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Black and white are not boring. If treated correctly, monochromatic colors can be impressive in a bold way, just like this kitchen.

This kitchen features sleek and clear-cut furniture just like the typical modern kitchen styles. The black kitchen island makes a pretty good bar top.

The black granite contrasts with the gray cabinets which make the bar top look bolder. Two sleek black adjustable bar stools complement the bar top very well. Three beautiful pendant lamps hang over the black bar top that reflects the light.

Having a ball does not mean that you have to stay in a bar for hours and get drunk. You can still enjoy your me-time right in your kitchen while lingering over your favorite beverages with one of these kitchen bar ideas that will definitely blow your mind. Now, let’s get the party started!


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