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7+ Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Modern Light Fixtures for Home

Lighting holds a super important role inside a kitchen. Besides its original function of illuminating the whole room, lighting can also be a part of decoration and therefore inviting. Below are some kitchen lighting ideas that meet the standards of both illumination and decoration. Well, keep on reading to find out more about those ideas!

1. Statement Chandelier

In mainly white kitchen, some dark tone elements need to be clearly seen somewhere to catches attention and to get rid of the boredom white brings. For this kitchen, a dark grey dining table is placed in the middle under a chandelier which also comes in a similar tone.

The latter gives a statement to the whole set and certainly draws people’s attention. Though massive, it doesn’t feel obtrusive because of its minimal design. Its clean open framework and antique design create some drama inside the kitchen.

But be sure to hang it within proper distance with people’s height so that it doesn’t obstruct the movement under it.


  • It’s aesthetically unique and probably one of a kind.
  • With that kind of framework, cleaning will be an easy job to do.


  • It looks fragile because of its thin frameworks.

2. Brass Patina

The kitchen shown in the picture exemplifies an arrangement of several different kinds of lighting. The first ones are the two brass pendants which shine above the island. The second ones are a pair of wall sconces in a similar tone with the first lighting. They are placed over the bay window to focus their light on the sink.

Both the pendants and sconces are made from stainless materials. The last ones are recessed lights which installed under and inside the cabinets. They recess very well, right? The latter is included in the arrangement to add the glow.


  • Since the pendants and sconces are stainless, they guarantee high durability.
  • Such multilayers lighting arrangement benefits you in reducing electricity use because you can turn off the lighting you don’t need.


  • It will be difficult to clean the pendants glass bowl because of the shape.

3. Colorful Mobile

Be bold, but not too much, and add some color to your solid toned kitchen. The safest bet will be the accessories, of course. But why don’t you turn the twist and go for the lighting instead like shown in the picture? With bright blue, it definitely livens up the monotonous neutral colored kitchen. For additional point, it can twirl in a circle!

Installed right above the island with honed marble frame and white stools, it surely catches attention and invites people. But since it twirls, has long hands, and many lamps, it doesn’t shine the island only. Its light can even reach the bleached-walnut cabinetry and quartz counter also. How fascinating!


  • It is uniquely artistic.
  • Aside from the blue mobile lighting, a pop of greens and yellows from the above the island is also additionally beautiful.


  • It needs extra effort and care in the installation process because there is no way that the set comes in already assembled perfectly. You have to assemble them first before installing.

4. Silver Orbs

Do you want to go for something unexpected in your kitchen? Utilize mirror balls for your lighting! It will absolutely be a marvelous upgrade. An example is presented here. With cool mint tiled backsplash, steel stoves, and sleek dining top, those mirror balls offer shimmer.


  • The mirror balls insert different version of warmth to space with a modern concept.
  • The use of wood as dining banquette material is clever. It goes to match the flow and balance of the room.


  • It doesn’t fit every kitchen concept, especially a kitchen with the open floor plan.

5. Lanterns

Here is another unexpected lighting example in a kitchen: lanterns. They are such a classic but modernity still touches them hard. It is rarely seen to have lantern illuminating a kitchen, but all fair in art and decoration.

With this type of lighting, you should pick a finish for its interior that matches well with other elements in the kitchen. In this case, the lanterns’ interior is painted in asimilar color to the Moroccan fish scale backsplash which goes harmoniously with the cabinetry tone. It is such a lovely way of bringing the mood of deep sea to a kitchen.


  • Lanterns are versatile enough to work well with any kind of countertop and cabinet.
  • They also match well with the kitchen decor style.


  • It looks like they dangle too low than they supposed to be. Cut the unnecessary length if needed.

6. Kitchen Light Extractor

An extractor in the kitchen is often used to eliminate the steam and smell from cooking activities. Thus, it’s commonly installed just right above the stove. While eliminating the smell and steam, it emits some little amount of light and therefore can double the function as task lighting. And since the light it emits is dim, it’s good to create the mood.


  • Such technology is so marvelous to have.


  • Its main function is not to illuminate like has been mentioned previously, so you can’t rely the lighting matter on this extractor.
  • It might be pricey.

7. Hot Copper

Where are your eyes fixed at the first time you see this image? Sure, it must be at the row of pendants made of copper above the island, mustn’t it? Because of their cover shape and material they are made of, the light only focus on what’s right under them. It’s good to tell the dining zone apart from the working zone of the kitchen.


  • They offer awesome task lighting.
  • These pendants usually come with a dimmer switch each. With that, you can manage the light levels to lower or higher according to your need. Lower the light levels when entertaining.


  • The heat that comes along with the light might be hotter than the other lighting. So it’s better to avoid any direct exposure.

Well, you reach the bottom of kitchen lighting ideas article. Now you know that lightings nowadays come in a wide range of designs that fit to be some decoration. But still, do not lose its main purpose. Last but not least, thank you for reading and have the lightest day!


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