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6+ Brilliant Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Space

Kitchens are no longer practical areas for food preparation. Homeowners do more tasks in the kitchen. Installing feasible kitchen lighting ideas really helps them to perform any tasks and spend their togetherness in this space.

What Types of Lighting Should Be Included in the Kitchen?

At least, you need four types of lighting to get a well-lit kitchen. Commonly, dwell on ambient lighting to illuminate the entire area. To help you complete the cooking activities like chopping or washing, task lighting will give intensive flame as you need.

Lighting is not only functional but also beautiful. Decorative lighting is mostly designed to achieve visual attraction. To highlight kitchen wall art details, accent lighting will do this job completely. Try to decide which functions will serve you best.

Get ready to illuminate your cooking area with these lustrous kitchen lighting ideas. Keep reading on our insightful thoughts about how to design a perfect kitchen lighting. Grab the inspiration for fixtures and light placement.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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kitchen lighting ideas by goviloo.co

Have a look at this white farmhouse style kitchen. It is combined with brown wooden island top and flooring. This kitchen has two pendants above the dining area. The lamp has transparent glass shades with black metal chains that offer a country touch.

White cabinets with brick backdrops are located near large windows. They allow sunlight to spread around the kitchen. No need to turn on the lamps during daylights.

Now, how to get better illumination while doing kitchen tasks at night? Some wise advice to define the best lighting sources are:

  • Install recessed lights above your island for general lighting.
  • Use chandeliers or pendant lamps for dining space and island.
  • Add three pendant lamps for large islands.
  • Use an odd number of lights for a better balance.
  • Decide the appropriate sizing such as oversized fixtures for a larger kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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kitchen lighting ideas by u2j.org

The all-white modern kitchen has a clean-lined design with metal utensils. The light tone helps to brighten the kitchen. A six-chair dining table is placed in the center. It has a dark grey hue to give a contrast look.

It mixes up three types of sophisticated light sources for illuminating the space. Track lights and recessed lights are installed on the ceiling as ambient lighting. LED strips are placed under the cabinets. There is a grouping of five thinner glass pendants above the dining table.

You can feel a touch of elegance from the hanging lamps. A soft glowing effect from the LED lights makes the cabinets look more futuristic.

Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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rustic kitchen lighting ideas by eastlaw.us

Bring the joy of living in the countryside to your kitchen. White rustic decor is perfectly paired with wooden floor and metal furnishing. Country style lighting serves decorative purposes instead of functional benefits.

LED lights provide good illumination to the entire area. Install some round LED bulbs on the ceiling. Add some LED strips above the countertop to give enough light for cutting and cooking. Two large pendants with metal cage fixtures look so rustic.

There are many other vintage light fixtures available. For simple ones, opting for industrial round glass globe shade and glass cylinder shade fixtures. You might also like antique brass finish and wire cages bronze finish fixtures.

Low Ceiling Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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low ceiling kitchen lighting ideas by ssl.com

Stylish semi-flush mount lights in this low ceiling kitchen give luxury glowing effects. Lights with seeded glass shades apply the “rule of three”. A large kitchen island gets equipoise light from a grouping of three lamps.

A dining area at the corner is brightened with some recessed lamps. Above the table, there are two semi-flush mount lamps with clear drum shades. This area is surrounded by a lot of large windows. The natural light will easily flow to the kitchen.

Although this kitchen has a low ceiling, a good choice of lights and proper placement will maximize the illumination. Neglect to use chandeliers and pendants for a while since those types of lights are suitable for a high ceiling.


  • Has a lot of shades like fabric, glass, and crystal.
  • Feature more interesting ornaments.
  • Easy to replace the light bulb.


  • Need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Accumulate dust faster.
  • Easy to notice when it is dirty.

LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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led kitchen lighting ideas by icanxplore.com

LED lights become the staple for modern kitchen lighting. They can reduce heat in your kitchen and have the flexibility of gaining the precise color temperature you need. LED features tracking, recessed, pendant, strip, and chandelier. All types of those fixtures offer energy efficiency.

LED recessed and LED strips are installed on this kitchen. The LED strips are placed above the stovetop and under the cabinets. The kitchen’s ambient lighting only comes from the recessed lamps. This space needs more lighting sources, especially above the large island.

LED lighting has better quality than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. But, if you cannot choose the right types, your kitchen will not be illuminated well. So, check out these guides to help you in making the decision:

  • Recognize the task areas in your kitchen.
  • Install LED task lights to the appointed workspace.
  • Conceive the color temperature of the lights.
  • Choose LED lamps with light control.
  • Attach to a mild-temperature location for LED lights.

Flush Mount Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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flush mount kitchen lighting ideas by stjohnsucccoop.org

This is such a “kitchen work triangle” in which there is a work path from the countertop, to the sink, and the stove. This kitchen also has a low ceiling, so flush mount lamp is the best lighting solution.

An oversized flush mount lamp is installed in the center to illuminate the triangle area. Recessed lights are added to the workspace. A tiny pendant lamp hung above a small island. Mixing up those types of lighting achieve faultless illumination.

Flush mount lighting is directly attached to the ceiling. That’s why it is suitable for a low ceiling and narrow kitchen. The sizes come in very thin up to oversized. Unfortunately, it offers a less minimalist aesthetic benefit. The common shapes are square, circular, oval, and rectangular.


  • Spend little time dusting the fixture.
  • Maximize the space in your kitchen.
  • Make the ceiling look higher.


  • Require to remove all fixture to change the bulb.
  • Has limited style to the room decor.

Have you got any revelation? We hope these luminous kitchen lighting ideas help to align your thoughts to brighten your cooking area.


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