TV Wall Mount Ideas

9+ Best TV Wall Mount Ideas for Living Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas – Relaxing in a living room while enjoying your favorite TV shows with your family is such a brilliant idea especially after spending the whole day at work. To get a good view that you and your family comfortable with, you can install a TV wall mount. To make it turn out epic, you are going to need these best TV wall mount ideas.

1.Adjustable TV Wall Mount with Hidden Shelves

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The trickiest thing about installing a TV wall mount is deciding the angle as some types of TV wall mount cannot be adjusted when installed. Therefore, investing in an adjustable TV wall mount will be your best bet.

This adjustable wall mount bracket enables you to swivel, tilt, or even rotate the TV so that you can get your viewing pleasure. The bracket is installed in a hidden shelf behind the LED TV. The shelf has some compartments that you can use to organize the wire and some other stuff.


  • The bracket enables you to adjust the position of TV as you like so that you can get the best view.


  • This kind of bracket can be costly.

2. A Wall-Mount TV over A Floating TV Cabinet

For a modern or even mid-century modern living room, keeping things simple yet attractive does matter, just like this TV stand and cabinets. Instead of supporting by some legs, the TV stand is mounted just like the TV.

Above the white TV stand is the floating LED TV. Teaming up with the clear-cut white TV stand, it makes a great focal point.


  • The LED TV and TV stand make a pretty good focal point.
  • The TV stand helps you organize things such as CD players and some CDs.


  • Installing the TV stand might need some carpentry skills.
  • The TV cannot be adjusted when installed.

3. Bold TV Wall Mount

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This huge flat TV hangs over a black TV stand which makes it look bolder. The TV stand comprises some racks that you can use to store some stuff that you often use so that you can reach them in no time. Besides, you can use the TV stand to show off your collections since it does not have any cabinet doors.


  • The distance between the top of the TV stand and the TV should be 50 inches so that the clutter and vase will not ruin the view.

4. TV Wall Mount with A Rustic Rack

Although flat TVs are often synonymous with modern styles, it does not mean that you cannot add a more classic look to it.

This wall mount TV sits perfectly on a rustic rack. The bronze pipes and distressed wooden boards provide the touch of an industrial look to the TV. The rack is really useful since it can hold some important stuff such as a portable DVD player.


  • If the TV is at the same height as your viewing angle, you can install fixed TV wall mount.

5. Corner TV Wall Mount

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If you do not have enough space to install a TV set and its stand, you can install it on the corner of your room. The TV will fill in the awkward corner as well as save more space.

Since the corner of your room is not flat which is impossible for your flat TV to be installed, you need to install a wooden board, plank, or any other flat surfaces that can hold the TV bracket along with the TV screen. For a better audio, you can install an external TV speaker above it.


  • Installing TV on the corner will help you to save more space.


  • The door can damage the fragile TV screen.

6. Above The Bed TV Wall Mount

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A TV wall mount is not always installed in the living room, it can also be installed in any other rooms in your house including in your bedroom.

It will be nice to enjoy your favorite TV programs while lying on your bed. How relaxing it will be! To make this idea tangible, a fully articulating TV wall mount with extended arms is installed.

This kind of bracket enables you to move and rotate the screen to many positions that you possibly want. Now you can enjoy watching TV while maintaining the ultimate comfort.


  • Installing a TV set in your bedroom can deter pillow talk and disturb your sleeping time. It will be better if it is installed in a living room or family room.

7.  Wall Mount TV with Wooden Stand

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Installing a TV wall mount is not only about choosing the right brackets but also stand since it can accentuate the TV screen perfectly, just like the one in the picture above.

This TV screen features a white frame that is similar to the color of the wall. Therefore, a brown wooden TV stand is added. It helps the TV become a conspicuous focal point of this living room. The stand also helps you organize the wires and keep it tidy.


  • It would be better to stain the stand rather than veneer it because the veneer is prone to crack and peel.

8. TV Wall Mount with Glossy Stand and Stand Tower Speakers

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Indulge yourself with some box office movies right in your living room with this wall mount TV set and two stand tower speakers.

The flat TV screen hangs perfectly on a glossy red and black TV stand. The TV stand features some racks that can hold DVD players. To kick it up a notch, two tower stand speakers are placed on the right and left sides of the TV. They provide excellent sound effects for the movies.


  • You will get the best experience of watching movies.


  • The TV set and the speakers can cost an arm and a leg.

9. High TV Wall Mount

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This bedroom is literally the heaven of the house. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and worth-watching TV shows or movies right from your bed. The TV screen is installed on the ceiling and can be adjusted to any positions.


  • For a very high position, choose the brackets that allow you to angle up or down the screen.

You deserve having me-time while watching some good movies and chewing some popcorn. And these best TV wall mount ideas will take your quality-time to the next level.


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