WebEx MeetMeNow – What Can I Do With It?

If you have purchased WebEx’s MeetMeNow and want to learn a little more keep reading. There are so many feature of the leading online meeting software I’ll discuss only a few of the most popular. Learn of features like impromptu meetings, integrated audio and geographically diverse meetings.

WebEx’s MeetMeNow holds up to 15 attendees per meeting. They offer services to go beyond 15 people just see the WebEx home page. MeetMeNow helps you hold quick meetings across your business.

Hold impromptu meetings on the instant meeting feature. MeetMeNow even has MS Office integration to allow you to start meetings from applications. Hold quick brainstorming meetings; imagine quickly explaining policy changes or shifting project priorities.

Use the Media Tone network to keep conversions moving forward. With its integrated audio abilities you can audio from within the MeetMeNow application. If you prefer using your regular speaker or telephone you have the choice toll free global conferencing. Note that VoIP and teleconferencing are not mutually exclusive. You can use both options if you prefer. Attendees can call in or be called to the meeting. There is even an invite by phone option to invite people on the fly.

Hold training sessions anywhere in the world. MeetMeNow allows you to set up meeting in geographically diverse places. Share files, documents and applications to anyone in the meeting. Set your time zone in the control panel and WebEx will notify the recipients of the proper time where ever they may be. By default an email reminder will be sent 15 minutes before the meeting, you can change this if you prefer. You can allow attendees to show up early. They can “hang out” in the meeting space until you arrive. These settings can be adjusted in your control panel.

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